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Nassau, Bahamas – For the first time, The Inspire Foundation is having a three-day Inspire International Music Festival which includes a Concert, Workshops and Master Classes to sooth our souls during these shifting times. This free virtual event slated for July 29 – 31, 2020 is more than music with workshops and masterclasses to help people to cope, acquire new skills and enjoy music and entertainment of different genres from professionals around the world.

For a top-notch experience, the Inspire International July event will be streamed from the website, powered by HD Source Canada for connectivity. The concert will take place on Friday, July 31, 2020, from 6 pm to 10 pm – It is a free benefit concert for Covid-19 – featuring Bahamians artists located in The Bahamas and around the globe. World-Renowned artists include Giveton Gelin, Roger Ryan, Paul and Tanya Hanna, Adrian D’Aguilar and Lee Callender and Theo Coakley of T-Connection and others.

Brought to you by Paul and Tanya Hanna, well respected musicians and educators in the industry, they wanted to share how artists can be relevant during the pandemic and offer a platform for people to showcase their talent and knowledge, while raising money for Covid-19 related causes.

“Our aim is to keep people inspired and motivated here in The Bahamas and around the world. We have to inspire ourselves to inspire others. Other musicians inspire musicians.  Music brings balance to the soul. This is love,” said Tanya Hanna, co-founder of The Inspire Foundation.

The Inspire International Music Festival has an exciting line up boasting over 30 Bahamian entertainers and artists including Karrington McKenzie, Vice Versa, Leo Jones, Ron Narayan, Autumn Steel, Dr Alvira Higgs, Tyrone Thurston and Terry Rogers.  Sounds of Jazz, Gospel, Bahamian Calypso and Classical and entertainment of Limbo and sights of Fire Dancing by Princess Pratt can be enjoyed in the comfort of your home or business establishment.

The Inspire International Music Festival’s Workshops and Master Classes will be held on Wednesday, July 29 and Thursday, July 30 from 10 am to 2 pm, and Friday, July 31 from 10 am to 12 pm with a registration at

The Hanna duo have been teaching online for the past 5 years are pleased with the lineup of presenters. A wider range of topics include: Coping mechanics – emotional, physical and financial. Narayan Jyoti from Israel will present “Heal The Heart,” on overcoming emotional stress and offering tools one can use. Autumn Steele from New York will speak on the “Music Business” that it is more than just music.  Roger Ryan, a three-time Grammy nominee and Dove Winner from Trinidad and Nashville will present “Arranging the Secret Sauce.” Adrian D’Aguilar will share his experience of a Jazz Ensemble. Lee Callender will teach vocal techniques while Tanya Hanna share proper breathing techniques.

Countries represented include The Bahamas, Canada, China, Greece, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Turks and Caicos and the United States – California, Florida, Hawaii, New York and Tennessee. Viewers will be able to access the Inspire Foundation’s events on Facebook and YouTube.

The Inspire Foundation creates educational programs with a successful “Prodigy” program where talented children between the ages of 9 to 12 are discovered and taken on a recording journey, meet Grammy stars and get an understanding of the music business.  Karrington McKenzie, a rising start and a former student, is part of this Festival.

Paul and Tanya Hanna have been contributing to communities in The Bahamas since 1984. Last year, they established their non-profit foundation, raising $33,000 for Hurricane Dorian evacuees.  Please refer the for more information. Participation and sponsorship is welcome. To date, in-kind corporate sponsors include:ALIV, Bahamas Weekly, Cable Bahamas/Rev, Graycliff, HD Source, The Inspire Foundation, Island FM 102.9, Jazz The Radio Show Star 106.5 FM, MaximumBassNews, Paradise Fisheries, The Punch, You Produce, ZNS Bahamas Communications; team in-kind sponsors include:  D’Aguilar Recording Studio, The Aria Music Class, Amz-Design, Azaleta & Co., Blackson Studio, Paula Brennen–Virtual Administrative Services, Erin Brown Connects, RaeMac Methods and Paul & Tanya Hanna.



  • Music Business – Succeeding of the “New Normal” – Autumn Steele ( New York ) Wednesday, July 29, 10 am, EDT
  • Arranging the Secret Sauce –  Roger Ryan. ( Trinidad – Nashville ) Wednesday, July 29, 2020, 11 am, EDT
  • Training Tools to Succeed – Rohan Mcleish (Jamaica, Canada) Wednesday, July 29, 12noon EDT
  • Heal the Heart –  Narayan Jyoti ( Israel ) Wednesday, July 29, 2020, 1 pm, EDT
  • Playing in a Jazz Ensemble  –  Adrian D’Aguilar (Bahamas) Wednesday, July 29, 2020, 2 pm, EDT
  • The History of Reggae in Radio – Derrick Willis (Bahamas) Wednesday, July 29, 2020, 3 pm, EDT
  • Nutrition – Dr Alvira Higgs (Bahamas) Wednesday, July 29, 2020, 4 pm, EDT


THURSDAY, JULY 30, 2020, 10 AM-2 PM, EDT
  • Breathing Techniques – Tanya Hanna ( Bahamas ) Thursday, July 30, 2020, 10 am, EDT
  • Creativity in Piano Practice – Lee Callender ( Bahamas ) Thursday, July 30, 2020, 11 am, EDT
  • A Conversation about TRUST – Yvette Bethel, Erin Brown & Tanya Hanna, Thursday, July 30, 2020, 12 noon EDT
  • Disability Inclusion – Erin Brown ( Bahamas) Thursday, July 30, 2020, 1 pm, EDT
  • How to Write songs – Theo Coakley (Bahamas) Thursday, July 30, 2020, 2 pm, EDT


INSPIRE INTERNATIONAL MUSIC FESTIVAL CONCERT, JULY 31, 6-10 PM – Postponed(Due to the pending weather)

Our Performers

Our Presenters

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  • ALIV
  • Bahamas Weekly
  • Cable Bahamas/REV
  • Graycliff
  • HD Source Inc.
  • The Inspire Foundation
  • Island FM 102.9
  • Ministry of Tourism – Bahamas
  • Maximum Bass News
  • Paradise Fisheries
  • The PUNCH
  • You Produce
  • ZNS Bahamas Communications
  • Paul & Tanya Hanna – Festival Directors
  • RaeMac Methods/Resortfrence – Video Editing
  • The Aria Music Class – Recording
  • A D’Aguilar Recording Studio – Recording
  • Black Son Studios – Website Designer
  • Amz-Design – Graphic Designer
  • Paula Brennen – Virtual Administrative Services
  • Erin Brown Connects – Festival Assistant
  • Azaleta & Co – Public Relations
  • Donnisha Johnson – Festival Assistant, Public Relations



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