AUTUMN STEEL, Music Producer (New York City)

Friday, July 31, 10 am EDT

As a music enthusiast, Autumn studied arts-management focusing on the music business and entertainment law. She has acquired work experience with companies such as ASCAP and 300 Entertainment. Presently, the artist-manager represents composers and instrumentalists. Her clients are associated with trending New York-based acts including Jon Batiste, Eddie Palmieri, Jon Bellion.  You can also find her spinning vinyl sets featuring jazz, soul, salsa, hip-hop and MPB in the NYC area.

Autumn is creative and has been greatly influenced by music, film and pop culture along with their related industries. While interning with Bobbito Garcia she gained credit as a production-assistant in the RottenTomatoes favourably voted film ‘Stretch and Bobbito’. This artist ultimately desires to be a visionary and proprietor within the culture.

DR. ALVIRA HIGGS, Nutritionist (The Bahamas)

Wednesday, July 29, 10 am EDT

Alvira Higgs is a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine after doing studies at Pacific Health Center, in Bakersfield, California.  She received her Lifestyle Educator and Lifestyle Counselor training from Uchee Pines Institute in Seale, Alabama and her Community Health Education from Southern Graduate Institute School of Alternative Medicine in Kentucky.

Dr Higgs was familiar with the properties and uses of herbs in healthcare. Diagnosed with an acute blood disorder, she spent years of visiting medical doctors who were unable to provide relief for the disorder. Finally, she was referred to a Naturopathic doctor who advised her to change her lifestyle. The simple methods of health and healing which, in a few months finally gave her positive results.  She was impressed and grateful. At that point, she fully adopted the new lifestyle to remain healthy. Along with that decision, she changed her career in offshore banking and began a serious study of alternative medicine.

For a number of years, Dr Higgs was the proprietor of the  Healthy Lifestyle Centre & Deli and the Better Living Health Centre & Deli in Nassau. Now retired, she has made herself available to speak at events to expound on the health benefits of better eating habits and proper nutrition.

Yvette Bethel

As an HR and change consultant, emotional intelligence practitioner, trainer, lecturer and AWARD-WINNING author, and CEO at Organizational Soul, Yvette Bethel understands the people side of organizations and how to effectively bring together the corporate vision of business with the know-how of the staff. She encourages personal and professional growth through improved leadership competencies and emotional intelligence.

Yvette developed a proprietary methodology, INTERCONNECTIVITY, FLOW, AND BALANCE, a suite of tools designed to assess the current condition of culture that can be used to map a future organization that is inclusive, empowered and results-oriented. Her book about this ground-breaking system: INTERCONNECTIVITY, FLOW, AND BALANCE: A Values-Based Framework for Reinventing Leadership in Uncertain Times was released in November 2018.

Yvette is a FULBRIGHT SCHOLAR who put her acquired skills to good use with over 30 years of work experience. Her Evolve podcast on invites leaders to explore, create and maintain freedom cultures within their organizations.

She is a:
– 6 Seconds PREFERRED PARTNER – 6 Seconds is the largest, global emotional intelligence network
– Member of the International Women’s Leadership Association
– Member of the Global Renaissance Society

For more on Yvette visit her facebook page for details on her upcoming Trust Certification Program August 12th, 2020 – INFORMATION SESSION: The Trust Style Inventory Certification

LEE CALLENDER, Pianist (The Bahamas)

Thursday, July 30, 12 pm Noon EDT

Lee Callender has been a pianist since the age of six beginning lessons under the tutelage of his grandfather, the late Timothy Gibson, composer of the National Anthem of the Bahamas. He later continued his studies in Barbados with Janice Millington and with Diane Provencal of Canada. He studies occasionally with Edna Golandsky N.Y. In 1984 he obtained the Licentiate of the Royal Schools of Music in piano performance.  Callender has performed in the Caribbean, the U.S. and Europe. Mr Callender is a vocal coach and is on the adjunct faculty at the University of The Bahamas for Piano studies.

Theo Coakley – Pianist, Keyboardist, Vocalist, Composer, & Producer, (The Bahamas)

Thursday, July 30, 1 pm EDT 

Theophilus Coakley is a brilliant pianist, keyboardist, vocalist, composer, and producer from the beautiful Andros Island in the Bahamas. Theophilus, also known as “Theo” or “T” Coakley had a very successful music career, one he did not share alone. Theo is most known for his Funk/R&B/Pop/Disco group, T-Connection, which he formed with his younger brother and their friends. Before all the fame and success Theo was just a typical young boy born in the Islands. His parents were Ruth and Lency Coakley; Theophilus adored his mother who gave birth to his nine other siblings. Theo always had a wonderful relationship and connection with his mom; who gave him much inspiration for his music. Theo and his other siblings were always encouraged to pursue music by their parents. From the very first time Theo put his hands on a Piano, it was recognized that he was a child prodigy.

He learned fast which led him to eventually join a group founded by his father. The group was called The Upsetters which also consisted of his sisters Marion, Patricia, Leona, Margaret, and Viola.  At the age of sixteen, Theophilus was introduced to his mentor and good friend Duke Hanna at a Restaurant in Fresh Creek, Andros. Theo auditioned for Duke Hanna and got a job playing the piano with Duke’s band at The Lighthouse Club Hotel. After playing at the Hotel for a year Theo and Duke journeyed to Freeport to play at a club called The Pirates’ Den. They spent a year there before travelling back to Nassau to play at a hotel restaurant called The Beach Inn for another year. He spent one more year with Duke at the Nassau Beach Hotel. Theo then moved on to play with a local group called the Blue Notes, he played with them for two years and with his determination and talent Theo formed T-Connection; one of the most prestigious brands to come from the Bahamas. The first original members of T-Connection were Theophilus Coakley, Kirkwood Coakley, Monty Brown, and Berkley Vanbyrd; Later on, adding Anthony Flowers and Dave Mackey. The band gained their fame in the Nassau music scene where they gigged at the Out Island Bar of the Nassau Beach Hotel in 1974.

The band’s fame spread like a wildfire. In November 1975 T-Connection was asked to come to Freeport to play at a Club called ‘The Kiki Rouge.’ They went from local music heroes to national stars. T-Connection first got signed at TK Records in Miami, Florida in 1976. T-Connection’s first major hits were “Disco Magic” and “Do What You Wanna Do” which later became a number one hit on the Billboard Dance chart and eventually gained a Grammy nomination for top dance hit of the year 1977. The Group appeared on the Television show American Bandstand. They recorded four albums at TK Records before being signed by Capitol Records. T-Connection then travelled to New York to record their first two Albums with Capitol Records. In 1981 they recorded two of their biggest hits “Paradise” and “Everything is Cool.” T Connection appeared on the TV show Soul Train that same year. In 1982 T-Connection recorded the Album “Pure and Natural” which included the popular Ballad “Best of my Love”. They recorded four albums with Capitol Records before their contract ended in 1984.

Theophilus decided to disband the group and work on his solo career. He took a few years off to write music, read philosophy, and to discover his many talents. In 1988 Theo released his first Smooth Jazz album Written on the Water. Theophilus moved to Southern California in 1996 and began to play Smooth Jazz with his good friend John Carey. Starting in 2003 Theo and the other members of T-Connection reunited to perform in the Bahamas; usually for special events such as the Bahamas Independence Concert, the SAC 40th Alumni Anniversary Concert, and the Celebrating Woman 2014 fundraiser. Theo currently still plays Smooth Jazz with John Carey while working on his music. Theo recently released his new CD “So Nice” on April 10, 2015 before traveling to the Bahamas to perform at The Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival. To read about Theo’s new album “So Nice”

TANYA HANNA – Pianist, Vocalist, Concert Director (The Bahamas)

Thursday, July 30, 10 am, EDT

 Tanya is a vivacious, multitalented person who has undertaken any number of creative pursuits and artistic ventures. She is a warm person and enjoys performing and interacting with the public.    Part of a musically gifted family of now going on five (5) generations thanks to her grand mothers Florence Woods, Olive Godet, Cox and parents Sidney and Ursula Woods, her dad was better to know as Professor Woods.  She has a deep appreciation of music and began a career as a  singer/pianist at Nassau’s best hotels.  Later she and her husband, Paul,  were in demand to appear at private parties, hotel functions, local events and later in the USA, the Caribbean and Europe.    With her  Masters in Business-Marketing from the University of Miami, Florida, she has increased her involvement in the production of their events.

Confirming that the entertainment industry will always be a major part of her life, this year she sought sponsors to support an international music festival showcasing performances and workshops to benefit fellow musicians who are not working due to the sudden economic downturn.

Tanya is the quintessential multi-tasker, she spent 9 years in New York at school at New York University,  Gotham Blood Bank and working at The Bahamas Consulate.  Tanya put her  BA in Musicology from NYU to use working as a music teacher for 12 years in Nassau.

Before we run out of page space, the following events give justification in labeling Tanya as a multi-tasker.  While working days and nights, Tanya with her husband have raised two sons and dealt with all the responsibilities that require.  Together they created and presented a motivational program for primary school students, organized neighborhood and beach clean ups and fund raisers for various causes.  In 2019 they desired to assist the Hurricane Dorian Relief efforts, by recruiting fellow musicians to take part in a benefit concert.  Enough funds were raised to make substantial donations to two relief agencies.

As a Certified Health Coach from Integrative Nutrition NYC, Tanya’s presentation at the festival is Proper Breathing.  She’ll explain techniques to benefit singers and persons in general.  Every year Tanya undertakes studies in various disciplines.   Between 2012 and  2019  she received certifications from Sivananda Bahamas Yoga Retreat,   in Ayurvedic and Abhyanga Body Treatment, as an  Advanced Yoga Teacher and in Trauma Therapy.  This year she is planning to study the use of Essential Oils and the Immune System to fight COVID.  She is an entrepreneur by day teaching music and yoga and a pianist/vocalist by night. She is driven to seek knowledge, to grow and evolve. By example she wants students and readers to see that they too can nurture their passions and find fulfillment.   In the demanding role of Festival Director its evident  Tanya is still pursuing her goals and conquering challenges to advance to new heights.

ROGER RYAN, Music Producer, (Trinidad, Nashville)

Wednesday, July 29, 2020, 11 am, EDT

A 20+year veteran in the music industry, Grammy, Dove award-nominated and Juno award-winning producer, Roger Ryan has an established name in the music industry. As a graduate of Oakwood College, where he majored in Piano Performance and Graduate studies in Arranging at The University Of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, this was the launching point of his producing career. Roger’s work has run the full spectrum of the industry and spanned a wide range of genres. Directing multiple choirs and small groups, his talents have taken him around the world; Australia, New Zealand, Tahiti, the Fiji Islands, Vienna, Germany, Milan, the Ukraine, Hungary, the UK and Moscow just to name a few.

As a skilled music teacher, he has conducted music and producer workshops in select cities. He is currently involved in numerous recording projects through his production company, After Touch Music. AfterTouch Music is his new, intriguing type of label. It is a home to independent artists of all genres looking for an experienced music professional partner to represent them and push them to greater heights in the music industry both nationally and internationally.

ROHAN ALEXANDER MCLEISH, Producer, Videographer, Technical Director, Educator (Jamaica, Canada)

Friday, July 31, 11 am, EDT

Rohan is a Media Professional with a career spanning 33 years, and which has taken him through many changes and genres. His resume reads, Professor, Cameraman, Audio tech, Light technician, Director, Technical Director, E.N.G Editor, Producer, Director of photography (DoP), MediaTrainer, Inventor and Educator. Rohan started his career at the Jamaica Broadcasting Corporation as Cameraman, where he quickly adapted and was one of only three cameramen on the morning when hurricane Gilbert struck. He moved from camera to editing and then to directing, and in 1993 moved to the newly formed CVM Television station. As the Assistant/Acting Production Manager at CVM Television, he trained over 40 new employees, and then guided CVM TV through its first live newscast, first current affairs shows, first world cup coverage, first outside broadcast, many many more. After a short stint in Holland where he boosted his skills as a trainer, and developed a deeper understanding of Cinematography, Rohan migrated to Canada where he showcased his craft as the director of photography (DoP) for several short features at Shaw Cable. His love and knowledge of News, Sports and international events gave him the opportunity to work for CTV local, national and network.

In 2012 he joined Centennial College as a member of the Journalism and Broadcast and Film Faculties and used this opportunity to introduce mobile journalism and mobile content making to his students. Rohan is the only faculty serving in two departments which Mentor Students in both Journalism and Film /Broadcast programmes. Mobile journalism and film making became such a passion for Rohan that he invented a smartphone case that will be released soon. In 2017, Rohan co-founded YouProduce Creations with two former CVM TV colleagues Dr.Elaine Williams-Morgan and Barrington Smith. In 2017 he took on a new challenge as co-executive producer of the game show KWACKED. Rohan’s never-ending quest to mentor young minds took one more step in 2018 when he coordinated Centennial College Story Arts Centre Media Camps for 8-12-year-olds.

As training and collaborating are always on his table, Rohan created several brands for himself, In 2018 smartphone methodology became his smartphone feature workshops. In 2019 the Storytellers Republic Resortfrence brand was developed for a resort-style conference and workshops for storytellers for October 2020 in the Bahamas, this is however postponed until 2021 due to the pandemic.

Derrick Wilks (Jamaica)

WORKSHOP: Radio & Reggae
Friday, July 31, 11 am, EDT

The minute you hear Derrick’s voice you forget about the man who ‘bad drive’ you; you forget about your boss yelling in your ear about the ‘budget deadline! You forget that you have no gas and worse no money for gas. His voice has become entrenched in Real Jamaican Radioland and has an uncanny way to lure you, hold you and soothe you. If he decided to read aloud ‘blah blah black sheep’, you’d probably get reeled in any way and comment on how lovely he’s resonating the words and why this ode to black sheep wasn’t done all along.

His voice is unmistakable and listening becomes so involuntary that hearing it makes you stop and ask ‘where is Derrick Wilks?’ As soon as he opens the microphone he transforms the airwaves into a comfort zone and makes it his own. Whether he’s throwing down some hip hop dancehall beats on Friday…yes he can mix…. or giving you some inspirational Sunday morning hits, Derrick Wilks knows radio, loves radio, breathes, eats, sleeps and thinks radio.

NARAYAN JYOTI, aka  Ron Paz, Guitarist, Vocalist (Israel)

Wednesday, July 29, 1 pm, EDT

Musician, Yogi and healer. Raised on the traditional path of yoga. A unique vocalist, Narayan blends in his music from different traditions of music from the east to the west.  He uses music as a form of healing and meditation. Narayan lives in Israel and travels the world teaching healing and meditation techniques and performs with sacred music.

CARLINGTON SILBURN – Director, Producer and Editor

Carlington Silburn is the founder and creative director of Jonkonnu Productions, a multi-faceted film and video production company.

Carlington is now serving 25 years in the video and television production industry and has created a body of work that is creative, ambitious and bold.

His career started in 1995 as a teenager at CVM-TV. His first assigned role as Library Assistant in the programmes department but this was not where he wanted to be, his passion was to be a part of the production department where he could express his creative thoughts through the use of camera and editing. During his downtime and late nights, Carlington would work on his editing skills for hours which shortly after allowed him to be given full control of his first and own TV show called Video Surfing.

Over the years Carlington’s skills grew beyond just a video editor, he became a TV producer and director and also a videographer. Carlington is now regarded as a significant, multi-talented, influential media professional, his one year stint at the New York Film Academy in 2001 propelled this brilliant team leader to the top of the class in film and video production, using the most groundbreaking skills carefully honed over the years. Along his exciting professional journey, he was the first Jamaican resident to win the Jamerican Film and Music Award, for the documentary short ‘Cold Ground: Life in the Streets’ in 2003, and international recognition in 2008 for his stellar work on Scotiabank ‘The Teller”. 

Over the 25 years of his film and television production experience, Carlington has worked on almost every genre of the television show as director, editor and producer. He has directed and edited Three seasons of The Ity and Fancy Cat Show and two seasons of The Golden Nugget. In 2008 he was responsible for the production of Wick’d Styles, weekly entertainment and lifestyle show that aired on BET. Carlington has worked on situation comedies, drama (Royal Palm Estate), multiple genres of reality television, business-changing commercials, talk shows, news and current affairs and music videos.

In 2010 he created his first Entertainment magazine show, The Emix, and in 2014 he created Jamaica’s first celebrity reality series TOK Taking over which he single-handedly shot, produced, directed and edited.

Carlington has always had a love for teaching what he knows about television and video production and has expressed this love as a lecturer at both IUC and iCreate. This classroom experience has now given birth to his own youtube channel called The Heart of Editing, the channel where people can go to learn the art of editing.





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